Wednesday, 2 August 2017

the last night in this week.. ❤

Dear diary..
its still hurt..
whenever he drives me home..

i wish the traffic light always on red light..
i wish.. the car in front of us drive slowly..
i wish he drives slowly..

i just feel wanna cry..
but i hold back my tears..
i just dont want to ruin the night we have..

i just love him so damn much..

i wish the night in our country were long than the day..

im just feel sad..
its like im just feel alive when im with you..
i just can be myself with you..
you just know me.. so much..
even when im feel sad.. when im not in my mood.. you always guess it right..

i wont leave you..
never ever leave you..
the sweetness of u..
will always remain in my heart..

love you sayang..
thanks for the night..
i really enjoy it ❤

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