Thursday, 6 July 2017

stop overthink..

Dear diary.. 
amjan off phone kali.. 
or maybe dia busy.. 

sejak semalam.. 
asfa rasa besalahh sesangat ngan amjan.. 
i said a very  wrong thing to him.. 
yeah.. i knew it will hurt him.. 
dunno lahh.. 

i cried so much... when he already sleep.. 
i feel so bad.. 
coz u know.. 
it hurts to hurt people u love.. 

he always care and there for me.. 
and like i didnt even care.. 

all the thing he said lastnight were true.. 

asfa telampau overthink.. about it.. 
nanti dia busy.. 
nanti dia x layan asfa dah.. 
nanti dia x kol asfa dah.. 
nanti dia x kesah sal asfa dah.. 
nanti dia abaikan asfa dah.. 
nanti dia nemau dengan asfa dah.. 
i keep thinking..
thinking.. all of this like crazy.. 
it went through my mind like roller coaster.. 

im hurt.. 
my soul hurt.. and my mind feel so tired.. 

but now.. i realised.. 

sokaylahhh.. :)
i will stop thinking bout what will happen.. but will do what i wanna make it happen.. 

if im thinking like that.. 
i feel stress.. 
so.. i wont think bout it anymore.. 
i trust my baby.. 
more than.. everyone else.. 
so.. i will keep my trust for him.. 
for the sake of our relationship.. 

so.. just hope for the best.. 
i just have only one goal.. with u.. 
im gonna stay till we got married.. 

i miss u sayangg.. 
im always will.. 
love u.. 

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