Monday, 10 July 2017

simple talk..

Dear diary.. 
i love amjan.. so much.. 
so damn much.. 

i just cant stand to see him sad.. 
and see him feel bad bout me.. 
see him like that.. 
make me so awful.. 
and i dont want him to go away from me just to make me happy.. 

r u fool.. ?
im decided to be in ur life just to make u happy.. but u wanna go coz u wanna make me happy? 
stupid.. just not make any sense.. 

for seriously.. if u go.. 
it make me.. even sadder.. 

i want we both being happy.. 
please dont giving up wif me.. 

i tot he already sleeping.. 
i cried so hard.. 
thinking.. all of our journey.. 
experiences .. our memories.. 
from the beginning.. till now.. 
he ask me why i cried.. 
just bcoz of it.. 
just becoz i just think all the memories.. 
yeah it did makes me sad.. 
and makes me so much happy.. 
and.. the saddest part of relationship.. to see ur partner go.. 
and.. i dont wanna see u go.. 
i want to see u come.. to me.. 
searching.. over n over again.. 
 and yes.. i will do this.. to you too.. 

sokay.. if people think im desperate.. 
and yes i am.. 
i just.. dont wanna see my baby.. 
in other girls hands.. 

i hate it.. 

being silent.. is the best way to do.. 
u dont hurt other people.. 
just.. hurt urself.. 
and.. slowly.. 
will make urself calm.. as much as possible.. 

kalau dulu.. asfa 
asal stres jaa.. 
asfa suka mkn.. 
time matriks.. coklat lah.. selalu jd pilihan..
but now.. i hv him.. to confess my feelings.. my thoughts.. my craziness.. 
and kadang.. kalau asfa teringt satu benda lucu.. terus mcm.. mau gitau amjan ni.. 

i knew he also had lots of girls.. as a friend.. 
yah i trust him.. 
but seeing that thing.. the conversations.. still hurt me.. 

asfa ada kwn pempuan.. yg dia nemau boy dia.. comment or bgmbr ngn peempuan.. even family or his close friend.. 
klu mau jugak.. kena ada kwn laki lain seblh pempuan tu.. 
if i can.. 
i will want him to do it.. too.. 
but i wont...
i trust my man.. 

just.. dont be stupid to do all the bad things behind my back.. 
i will crush u.. 

love  u 17.. ❤

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