Saturday, 29 July 2017

my heart wont change.. ❤

Dear diary..
i keep questioning the same question that he asks me lastnight..
i've change a lot..

and this is the second time he told me.. like that..
will i be changing more n more after this?
actually.. i did change to be myself when the first time he told me like this..
but,.. i've change again..

maybe im tired of hoping..
im tired of thinking.. that will lead to overthink..
so, i learn myself to ignore many things.. so i can stay longer n be stronger.. thats what i did..

but somehow..
he doesn't feel comfortable for me to be like that..

i knew sayang..
u push urself from ur comfort zone..
u way better now..
you will always there for me..
always searching me..
waiting me..
always wants me..

its really not hard to love someone..
u just give them.. as much of love that u have to him..

and yes..
i will give you that.. (*3*)

Jan.. whatever it takes..
i will makesure that u will be my husband in the future..
im ready for all risks..
im ready to be yours..
and thats all it takes..
its gonna worth it Jan..
trust me..

i miss you sayang..
thanks for all the love that you give to me..

i love you so damn much.. ❤

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