Sunday, 30 July 2017

my chest hurt..

Dear diary..
i dunno why im crying so much rn.
i just miss him so much..
i miss him.. so damn much..
i miss you Jan .
i really do..
i really hate this feeling..

u know..
i wish i can know what u think from ur eyes.. the way u smile that make buttefflies in my stomach, the sound of ur voice.. i love  it so much.. than every sound in the world.. and i wish u know how i feel whenever i meet you.. i feel complete and comfy.. feels like home and heaven.. like the whole world stop..
and when i feel we re the only person live in this world...

i wish u knew how i feel..
so u wont leave me ...
u wont forget me..
u will always wants me..

you know Jan..
i will never change..
my heart will always keep beating fast whenever i see you..
my soul will always feel jealous.. whenever u with another girl than me..
my chest will always hurt.. when i know u feel sad and ignore me..

i miss you Jan..
i miss the day.. when the first time u fall in love with me..
the day.. u ask me.. to be yours..
all the nights... that we spend.. sharing and caring to each other..
the first day i hear ur voice..
all of ur song that u sing..

our memories..
will always.. keep on adding..
day by day..
months by months..
i will keep it forever Jan..

i will always love you..
i will always want you..
no matter what.. 

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