Wednesday, 26 July 2017

love the present.. ❤

Dear diary..
one of the best feeling..
is knowing that u re wanted..
knowing that someone missing you..
someone wants to talk to you..
and someone who l❤ve you.. just as much as you love him..

its good to know..
how much they love you..
how much they care..
yeah.. eventhough u dunno how much is it.. coz  u cant see it..
feelings is not an object..
its invisible..
u just can feel it..
by their touch..
their eyes.. the way they stares at you..
the way they wants you.. just for themselve..
the way they want to keep you forever..

yeahh but sometimes..
people will forget about it..
so thats the important thing..
to always care and show them how much u love em..
and yup.. it will be so tiring..
but.. if u really2 love em..
u would not.. gonna feel tired at all..
u will feel happy and fun to do it..
coz.. thats why u want to hv relay wif him.. u want them to feel happy and always get attention that they deserve..

about the past..
u cant change people past..
u just can change the future by the present .. by now..

so.. just smile.. have fun with the present.. and continue wif my diet haha.. i just cant bear any fats having sex in my body anymore..
just please.. divorce.. -_- as soon as possible.. hahaha..

oh yaa.. amjan love you.. ❤❤❤
tak lama kan 1 1/2 tahun anniversary kita.. wuhuu..

sayang abang amjan.. takecare..
my love ❤

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