Monday, 3 July 2017

keep me foreverafter

Dear diary..
i miss him..
i miss him..
i miss him..

soalan yg amjan tanya haritu..
masi terngiang2 lg di telinga asfa..

kalau amjan tiada..
siapalah asfa..

if i lost him..
its like i will lost everything..

the sun.. will never be shine anymore..
the night will never be as beautiful as it always be..
im.. me ... ruin

i will be ruin..

yaa im really shock when he asks me that question..
its even worse than being his ex..
even worse than break up..

haritu begaduh pun..
asfa menangis teruk dah..
i keep thinking of him..
ive try hard to forget it..
but still...

my tears still go on..

dont go..
please never ever go from me..

u wanna know how much i love u syg..
i could just give all my life for u.. just to see u happy..
just.. to put a smile on ur face..

if u hope that i will be happy.. when u re gone..
no im not..
trust me i will be worst..

yeah.. maybe sometime..
i maybe selfish..
i want u all..
all just for me..

i know im bad..
a bad girl for u..
and im always think that..
u deserve better than me syg..
but.. its too hurt to see someone else..
right beside u..
its hard to see.. u love someone else than me..
its hurt..

so.. i will just keep my promise..
to keep u..
be mine yaa syg..
i will try my best..
please keep me too..
as yours.. ❤

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