Friday, 21 July 2017

hope u feel the same..

Dear diary.. 
i still dunno why i love touching his skin.  
soft, smooth, comfy.. 
i love touching him.. 
everytime i date wif him.. 
the first thing i will hold and touch was his hands.. 
his warm and comfy hand.. 
feel like home.. 

i love his nose the most.. 
his cute tiny nose.. 
i will feel so close with him.. 
his nose feels ticklish and soft..
i miss it.. 
and not forget his arms.. 
i love to lay my head on it.. 
hug it.. while he driving.. 
and the smells.. 
huaarrgghhhh i miss it so much.. 
still remember how he smell.. 
he smell nice.. though.. 
thats why i love to hug him.. so much.. 
real tight.. ❤❤

i love to stare at him.. 
without he notice.. 
the way he smiles.. and his laughs.. will make my heart so calm.. 
and smile while thinking of him.. 

i will hate myself if i hate him.. 
if wif my first ex.. im not couple for 2 years.. 
if wif him.. 
i wont ever think about to have any man after him.. 
i will just accept the fate.. 
i just dont want to get hurt anymore.. 

thats why.. 
i wont let him go.. 
coz i love him so much.. 
so much than he can even imagine.. 
i miss him.. all the nights and all the days that i have.. 

i miss him so much.. 

love u Amjan.. ❤
love u so much.. 

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