Monday, 3 July 2017

2nd july

Dear diary...
lastnight was 2nd of July...
and know what..
cant believe i hv a chance to meet him and hv a one night wif him again..

yalahh.. sepatutnya.. pagi tu yg km jumpa.. but ada problem..
then asfa try lagi cari masa time petang tu.. mau kuar ngan dia.. still tak dapat.. sebab takda kereta..
im really excited to meet him..
but sepanjang haritu.. ada jak halangan..
lepas tau dah.. tak dapat jumpa dia kan..
rasa down gila dah asfa..
macam.. semua barg asfa mau buang..
but at the end..
i said to him..
i want to take shower..
yeah i really did..
im crying while taking the shower..
im scream inside my soul...
sebab asfa beharap sangat benda tu..
sekali tak dapat pun.. haha..
sapa tak sakit kan? ..

after shower tu..
i really hope he will chat me..
that he can meet me that night..
but still no response..
patah lagi hatii..
so.. asfa p lah umah nenek sebelah.. bawa diri.. ni
asfa p mkn pisang hahaha..
sekali.. ada noty dr dia..
amjan kata.. ada dah keta..
punyalahhh happy ni hati..
trus pastu.. asfa belari ni.. p rumah..
pakai tudung smua apa..
d fikiran asfa.. nak jumpa nak jumpa nak jumpa jak..
jantung pun.. bedegup kencang sangat..
then bila tgok chat dia lagi.. dia kata otw..
lagi kencang ni jantung ni.. hahaha..
macam mau tekeluar jak..

awal jugalah asfa tunggu dh dia di luar..
i really cant wait to see him..
to meet him..
i miss him so much..
i miss all about him..
the best part of the date..
is that.. we can talk.. face to face.. while holding our hands at the same time..
really miss.. to stay by his side.. while he was driving..

its such a sweet night.. really..

i wish i know how much u love me jan..
and compare which one of us.. love the most..

but.. its doesnt matter..
what i really knew..
i cant live without u jan..
i really cant..

hope we can live longer together..
and create more memories together..

yah maybe that was the last night.
we can be together..
tbh.. i hope its not..
be mine forever sayang.. will you?
stay forever with me ya?
promise u.. i will try better than i did lasttime..
i love u so much.. remember that..

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