Saturday, 8 July 2017


Dear diary..
lastnight was the 17th monthsarry..

happy monthsarry jan..
u do stay.. longer than i expected
u do stay loyal than every man that exist in my life..
u do love me more than i can imagine..

thanks ❤❤❤ sayang..
i know thanks was not enough to give..
and.. money cant too..
and.. sorry..
also not enough to forgive all of the faults that ive done..

u know jan..
i will always gonna be the way i am..

the way i love u..
the way i crave u..
the way i miss u..
we spend countless times..
countless days.. calls.. chats..
just to stay and to be together..

theres conflicts.. arguments.. fights..
we learn from it.. ❤
and that make us strong.. right jan ?

we miss each other so much..

and im glad..
really glad..
that on our 17th monthsarry..
i still can talk and type in the blog bout you..
im still think bout u like crazy..
more crazy than u expected..
i still love u..
we still together..
we still make new memories..
we still dating..

u know a lot bout me syg..
u know a lot of things about me..
more than anyone else..
u know me.. understand me..
inside n out..

i cant lose u..
its need my lifetime just to forget u..
just to move on from you..
its my biggest fear..

i love u sayang..
thanks for stay.. till now with me..
accept me.. and keep me.. ❤

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