Tuesday, 6 June 2017

my happiness will always be you ❤

Dear diary.. 
theres thousands.. of thousands..
things that we want.. 
if u realize.. 
the word "want" 
somehow brings so much pain to someone.. 

such as breakups.. 
most of the couples.. 
breakup because of that.. 
because the word want.. 

they want.. 
 more handsome guy..
more luxurious.. things.. from they man.. 
more caringness.. 
more romance.. 
more happiness.. 
more loyalness.. 
more jokeness.. 
more time.. 

and.. perhaps.. when u dont fulfilled it.. u will be leave alone.. 
coz.. the word want.. 
"u dont have what they want.. and u didnt give it to em"

every.. person.. will have this experiences.. 
yah.. including me :)

perfectness.. wont lead to happiness.. 

so, rather than searching for perfectness..  i will rather choose.. happiness.. that will lead to perfectness in my life.. 

in my past.. 
i really afraid.. 
when people leave me..
coz they didnt have what they want in me.. 

but.. for some reason.. 
some awful experiences.. 
make me realize that.. 
i need to love myself.. too.. 

till i found someone.. 
who is.. not even have any blood connection.. wif me.. 
not even my friend.. nor my family.. 
but he loves me.. 
when i didnt even love myself.. 
he made me see.. the unseen of life.. 
he gives me happiness.. 
with many different ways.. 
in many different angel.. of life.. 

he will be there.. even when he is not
he will be protect me.. 
and he always care.. 

i hope.. all the things bout him.. will never ever change... 

i will wait.. u for a thousand and thousands of years.. 

dont worry.. about what i want.. 
coz.. i just want you.. 
whole package of u
Amjan ❤

happy 16th monthsary 
love you

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