Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Jangan rabun please... ❤

Dear diary... 
u know last.. lastnight.. 
i had a strange dream.. 
and i guess its nightmares.. 

i dream that i saw him driving.. 
but at the same time.. 
the sun shines so bright.. 
and its hot that day.. 
i saw him wiping his eyes.. wih his hands.. coz the sun hit his eyes too much.. 

when im wake up..
all im thinking is just.. 
to buy him his sunglasses.. 
i hate seeing him hurting his eyes while driving.. 
yeah but okay im not blame the sun bcoz of its brightness.. 

the same day.. 
which is lastday.. 
im searching for his sunglasses.. 

yah i hope he likes it lahh.. 
and.. i hope the sunglasses functionunglasses.. 

yah i hope he likes it lahh.. 
and.. i hope the sunglasses functions perfectly.. 

and at the same time.. 
i guess im quite enjoy myself lastday.. myself.. 

im feel a lot horrible lastday.. 
coz.. i need help to accompany me.. to go to the mall.. 
when i ask my friend.. 
everyone still giving the same old reasons.. 
and.. whats make me more sad.. 
when i scroll over all of my contacts..
i cant see any contacts that i can rely on.. 

tbh.. i eat a lot last day.. haha.. 
coz i feel sad.. so.. 
thats why i guess.. 

so.. sokaylahhh.. 
i guess good friend.. will come to me soon.. 

i have the same old principe since i met him .. 

"soon.. on the right time and the right moment.. you will meet and get what u want".. so stay focus and be happy with what u have

macam amjan lahh.. 
ndak dicari.. pun
tiba2 muncul hahahaha.. 
like fairytales kan kami.. 
asfa sleeping beauty.. amjan my prince.. 
my prince who come to save me.. 
when i really need him.. 

k dahh ngada sudaa.. 

so.. kita sabar syak k.. 

3 days to Ramadhan.. 

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