Sunday, 21 May 2017

Goodnight Jan..

Dear diary ..
u know.. asfa rasa macam makin lama makin terasa sangat dah rindu ni..

whenever my soul whispered..
"faa i wanna meet him"
"faa... i want to hold his hands again"
"please faa.. let me see him again"
im screaming out loud hearing and thinking all of these...

i cant sleep early..
words that he said.. always remind me..
over and over again..

yaa.. asfa pun nemau layan sangat perasaan ni semua.. fikir asfa tahan ka?
asfa lagi ndaa tahan..
tapi.. kalau asfa makin tak layan..
makin benda tu terasa sangat..

jan.. i miss u..

i dunno how u can control ur feelings.. but for sure its really uncontroable at night..

its gonna be the fifth monthsarry..
i hope we can make it till the 2nd ann..
but i want till we got married.. ❤

kenangan semakin bertambah..
sudah semestinya halangan akan makin susah..
makin mudah terasa..
makin mudah salah faham..
but u know what..
what i really like about it..
when after the fightings we start all over.. coz we still love each other..
missing each other so damn much..
i will makesure that nothing will break us apart..

abang jaga diri yaa..
for this week.. jangan fikir banyak lah..
makesure jaa makan sepuas puasnya....hehe..

if we are about together for over 2years.. i will still gonna ask u to not letting me go.. over and over again.. 

"If loving u is wrong, I will never want to be right"..

love you.. Jan❤

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