Monday, 15 May 2017

a fate

Dear diary...
i guess he is sleeping already right now...

and.. im really happy tonight..
i like to see him sleeping with smile than tears..

i know.. maybe im selfish..
clueless.. im not noticing..

asfa rasa sedih lahh..
bila tau apa yang dia rasa sal asfa..
asfa tak tahu pasal apa apa pun..
i donno that he is hurting so much..

dia tak sepatutnya berasa bersalah pun.. dan asfa rasa gembira juga..
yang dia dapat cerita semua perasaan dia tu dengan asfa..

asfa lagi sakit kalau tengok amjan sakit..
asfa lagi sedih.. tengok dia sedih..

i hope i can wipe all of his tears..

he is such a strong man..
with really beautiful heart inside his soul..
i just want him.. to get away wif all of his fears in the past..

i could..  give him my love..
all of my trust.. my happiness..
my life.. for him..

yahh.. im now wish him to wake up..
but i know he will not..
now i will feel.. how he feel.. bout me..
all of the latenight thoughts..
all of the throwbacks..
all of the memories..

whatever happen to him..
i will always choose him..
i will accept his past.. and will be in his future..

i will not going anywhere..
i will just stay.. in his heart..

met him.. is a coincidence..
but loving him is a fate..

sweet dreams jan.. i love you

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