Saturday, 6 May 2017

7th May

Dear diary..
its 7th of May today..
asfa baru jaa abis baca post asfa
tyme 6th of may 2016..

yahh.. i dunno either what happen that day..
the difference is.. i have my tears that day.. but yesterday i laugh..
eventhough that happened..
i still love him as much as i do..

Now.. 15 bulan dah bersamaa.. ngan dia
i cant wait to have another 15 months + with u..

trust me dear.
till i die..
i will love u till that..
and.. i hope my love remain in ur soul when im gone..

i guess u realised..
maybe i get emotional lastnight..
a little bit i guess..

its just... u know what..
i feel so happy.. to do all that i can do..
as much as what i can do..
to make u happy..
i just dont want u go away from me..
its not that i dont trust u..
i just want u to say that "u wont go"..
coz.. everytime i heard it..
i will feel calm..
i just really love to hear it..

and trust me..
u wont ever seeing and met
a girl that is crazier n naughtier than i am.. hahahahaha..
that will always say yes..
that will annoy u.. wherever u go..
that have a strange n weird hobby like i am.. hahahaha (u know what i mean right?) hahaha..
that always think about u.. every millisecs of her life..
that always post bout you in her blog..
missing u and love u like crazy..

thinking all of our memories..
journey n adventures together..
really will make me cry..

my hopes ..
i just want u get what u deserve..
u deserve a love and loyal from ur lover..
and to achieve my hopes.. i will do that for u..❤

kita sama2 usaha n jaga hubungan kita yaa sayang..

... love you..
happy 15th mobthsary ❤
i wish.. all the problems.. in the future..
we, together overcome it..

❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

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