Sunday, 23 April 2017

what should i do?

Dear diary..
yeahh maybe i miss him so much lately..
and know what.. ?
i dreamt him lastnight..
i cant even sleep lastnight..
i keep saying..
i miss him
i miss him
i miss him
i miss him..
thats all.. till i sleep..
yeahh i wanna call him..
but i cant.. i just so blanked.. n confused..

as i said i dreamt him..
i dream him as my roommates..
he sleep above me.. on my two deck bed.. and i sleep below him..
eventhough..  he is just above me..
i keep calling him.. and chat wif him..
and thats funny..
we hv a fight in that dream too..
and.. we r not talking that night..
im sad.. but i wrote a letter for him..
but i dont give it to him..
so i sleep..
when he notice that im sleeping..
he took the letter from me..
he read it..
but when he finished read it..
he didnt notice that im in front of him..
im not sleeping..
i smile.. to him..
i kiss him.. slowly..
and sleep on his arms..

but.. its just a dream..
dream that feel so real..
i wanna cry .. but i cant..
i just cant..

if its just in dream that i can be wif u..
so let me sleep..

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