Saturday, 8 April 2017

missing you.. is my habit

Dear diary..
im going back hostel tonight..
im otw to kk.. n rn im at Kunak dah..

im just so happy..
to meet him..
see him before i leave..
i really want to kiss his hand.. before i leave.. but mau buat cemana kan..
i just can see him smile..
memang tatap muka dia puas2 tadi..

i will try my best..
be as perfect as u wanted..
if im failed.. please let me know what to correct.. dont leave..

i knew.. u have been hell with ur past relationship.. and guess what..
im the happiest person.. happiest girl to know that all of those relay didnt worked out..
im with u now..
im gonna makesure that u wont ever experience all of that hell again..
u re my baby now..
u will always be.. mine..
and im gonna make u happy..
im gonna spend all of my entire life..
making sure that nothing bad ever happen to you..
im gonna love you.. more than anyone ever does..
and that heart beat...
will always remain in my soul..

i wont ever forget u..
i will try the best i can for you..
i just hope u to never leave..
coz.. u re the best memories that ever happen to me..  ❤

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