Saturday, 1 April 2017

missing ur smile..

Dear diary..
its just like a dream.. meeting him yesterday..
sepanjang perjalanan balik tu..
asfa fikir..
can i meet him..
can i see him..
sempat ka asfa sampai..
at least.. i meet him..

but u know..
it wasnt enough..
i guess its will never enough..

yeahhh i know..
i knew if i mef him..
i still will missing him like crazy..
i knew i will still want him..
over n over again.

am i the best girl for him?
what im always do is just..
make his mood spoil..
cant give what all he want..
coz im not perfect.. enough..

everything i do..
i will do it for him..

i was really tired..
tyme abis dh semua keja tu..
nak kol jaa dia terus..
nak dengar jaa suara dia..
asfa tunggu jugaa..
but not long enough..
asfa tetido..

i hv done this twice dahh..
and i really cant forgive myself..
like.. he always there for me..
and im not..
he always... makes me feels better..
and im not..
im just afraid.. soon he will leave me..
coz what i do the best is just..
repeating my mistakes..
coz he dont deserves that..

jan.. i miss u..
and i cant do anything just missing u

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