Saturday, 4 March 2017

wish him here..

Dear diary...
i miss the way he makes me feel warm..

like everynight.. 
i will wait him.. 
so i can call him..
just to hear his voice.. 
talk about what happen with our days..

he is the man..
who im obsessed with..
entire of my life.. 

the man..
who i will cheer on forever.. 

the man.. 
who i will stare... 
that makes my eyes shining in glitters..
whenever i see him.. 

the man.. 
who i will think ..and overthink with
in millisecs of my day.. 

the man.. 
who i want to hold on with.. 
who im crazy with..

the man..
who im waiting everynight..

the man..
who makes all of the love songs make sense.. 

the man..
who i want to be with.. 
who i dream with.. 
who im always imagine with.. 

the man..
who can turn my tears to laughs..
and even more harder.. 

the man.. 
that always be the reason..
whenever im smiling in front of own texts.. and while reading some of our old conversations.. 

the man.. 
who will be the reason..
reason that im still writing my own blog..



why... ?

i love him.. 
my heart breaks apart.. whenever i see people break his heart.. 
tbh.. i just wanna kill that person... 

killing that person.. 
will never change anything.. 

i just have one thing..
one thing that i can do.. 

i just wanna change his days..
to be the days.. that he want to.. 
thats all that i can do.. 

i wish you are here.. 

i want to see.. u sleep.. every single night beside me.. 

maybe its a good thing...
why we re met.. 

you have change.. 
the way i see you..
the way i think about you.. 

love is not a game, its a life..

love amjan

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