Saturday, 25 March 2017

ur keeper.. ❤

Dear diary.. 
i wish.. i can stare at the ocean at night with him sometimes.. 
no talking.. 
no internet-ing
just.. cuddling with each other.. 
spend the moment together.. 

and.. tipulahh..
kalau asfa tak rindu diaa.. 
suda dh pun kol td..
ni masi jugaa rindu.. 
i miss the night drive with him.. 
so much happen in just one night..
and know what.. 
i still remember every single details in every night we have.. 
so sweet.. ❤ 
so warmth.. ❤
so unforgetable.. 
so memorable.. nights
and i will surely tell this to my children.. soon..
soon when i have them.. 
gonna tell them..
how much their dad love me hahahahaha.. 
how much he miss me..
how much he wants me.. 
gonna tell them

i want us to last.. 
last forever.. 
i wont leave u.. 
i dont have the courage.. 
u re are part of my life now.. 
let me have ur love.. 
forever.. ❤ 

takecare ❤❤❤

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