Thursday, 16 March 2017

time heals everything..

Dear diary...
hmmm.. mmg nda dapat lupa ni mimpi td pagi..
sedap ouuu rasaa dia..
dua kali.. asfa bangun.. n baring.. n bangun.. hahahaha..
nda bole muvon.. dgn mimpi tu.. hm

i guess u know that feeling..
feeling when.. eventhough they have said million times that they wont leave..  u will just keep asking.. keep telling.. and keep wondering about it..
it wont stop.. until they become urs..
its normal lahh..
yang tak normal tu.. kalau xda benda tu.. ataupun.. org tu mmg hati batu.. hahahaha..
coz for me.. asfa mmg tak tahan lahh..
kalau asfa rindu..
yah asfa mmg rindu..

as i said..
i just want to be in relay with him..
forever.. and somehow i think..
it will gonna be come true..
dont worry.. its just need time..

so, i have..
a lot of many things i want to do with him.. a lot of things.. i want to say with him..

he is my prince now..
and gonna be my true king soon.. ❤

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