Wednesday, 22 March 2017

this is me..

Dear diary.. 
this is me Asfa.. 

the person who fall in love with someone.. 
someone who i just notice early in 2016.. 
someone who make his existing.. become very special in my life.. 

My first expression when i see his dp..
"oh cute smile".. 
His characters n all of his stories..
makes me fall in love with him.. 
i dunno how he do it.. 
but he just did it.. 
i love him even deeper.. 

but for some reason.. 
i thought maybe at first.. 
maybe its just a good thing that we r not in serious relationship.. 
coz.. i dont want to be left again.. 
and to be hurt anymore.. 
maybe its good to be just friend.. 

i thought it was enough.. 
but at the end.. 
i send him this.. 
 "good night"
and u know.. 
when u stop chatting for a while.. 
and theres a person.. just start to text u back.. 
for me its love.. 
cant control myself for loving him.. 

soon its gonna be our.. 
14th monthsarry.. 
i wish i can kiss you.. that night..

always remenber... 
why u started it.. 
how it makes you feel..
what will happen to him..

i know.. 
i cant make things the same every single day like what i want it to be.. 
but i still have hope that tomorrow will gonna be better than today.. 
coz theres always be a reason why it happen like that.. so cheer up.. ❤

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