Sunday, 26 March 2017

that dream..

Dear diary.. 
i dont know lahhh klu dah jumpa dia ni nanti.. 
i will seriously wont let him go again.. 
can i say?
dahlahh kita bepisah.. 
nak stay jaa boleh? 
please lahh.. 

lepas mimpi td kan.. 
i touch my lips.. 
i bite it.. 
i cried.. 
yahh my tears fall off.. 
but sekejap jaa.. 
i dunno lah.. 
yaa banyak kali suaa mmg asfa mimpi dia.. 
but mimpi tu td.. mmg sangat2 real.. 
yahh.. i know..
asfa jaa rasa benda tu.. 
orang lain takkan faham pun perasaan asfa ni.. 
i just want to post this..
so i wont forget all the moments i hv with him.. 

one day.. 
i will print all of these pages.. 
and create an album.. 
i will make a book with it..
with all the pictures.. taken.. 

all the thoughts about you.. 
always create a smile on my face.. 

can u be mine forever?

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