Sunday, 19 March 2017

amjan was taken by me

Dear diary...
u know.. the things about me n amjan..
we have one same thing..
from the beginning..
we both have that broken heart.. 
we both have so much hope for a new relationship..
and i guess that make us strong..
we dont want to lose anymore..
coz we both had felt it..
feeling when people leaving you..
just because.. they dont love you anymore..

 we both afraid... losing each other..
and a small chat in the morning..
will let us a simple smile..
but have a big impact for that one day..

why i dont want to leave him?
i just want to keep that smile on him..
his craziness... 
his shyness.. "sometimes jaa haha"
his charming..
that will always make me blown away..

i just couldnt imagine..
if i lose him..
i will certainly.. lose something big in my life..

i just dont want him to change..
just because me..
its totally unfair..

whatever it takes..
i will not let him to leave me..
i will not let him.. to be my ex.. or whatsoever..
i will not let me.. myself to feel regret again..
everyone said.. 
people change..
u dunno bout ur future,...
ehh pedulilah bah...
if said i want.. so i want lahh
haahahhaha.. batcat sendiri..

eventhough lah..
dia selalu ckp yang tiada gegurl lain jua mau diaa...
jadi asfa ni apa?
he just got so many specialness..
he just dont realise it..
u will know sayang.. 
why i cant lose you..

u mean everything to me..
makanan pun tak sesedap dirimu...
bantal pun tak selena dirimu..
gula pun tak semanis dirimu..
matahari pun tak seterang sinaran dirimu..
malam pun tak seindah dirimu,..
haahahaha... ciaa,,,
its real eh...

i just said the facts bout him..

love wont hurt you..
if it is.. maybe u re with the wrong person..
coz love that i feel now..
i just cant describe how much i feel happy to know him..
and how much one person can make a big impact in ur life..



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