Sunday, 12 March 2017

love is real..

Dear diary..
im really wont get enough of him..
i want more of his attentions..
i want more his charmingness..
i want more his kindness..
i want more his madness..
i want more his love..

i wont show him my back..
i wont ever walkaway from him..
coz he is my happiness..
he is where.. my heart is..

this love..
is endless..
and it will remain the same or more everyday..

yeah.. in relay we have fights and egos..
but, jan.. i will never feel confuse..
wether im still love u or not..
if i said so.. im totally a lier..

its just sometimes..
i just feel useless.. whenever i cant make him happy and accompanied him whenever he needs me..
im not a good talker..
im just being me all the time..
i cant fulfill all of his desires n dreams..
but trust me.. i did try my best..

if i said that.  im gonna stay..
yeah im gonna stay..
im just feel so sorry..
if i make u feel lonely..
me .. myself hate that too..
being ur girlfriend..
is to always makes u feel happy..
make u feel wanted everytime..
make u feel accompanied..
have a person u can be crazy with..
and express all ur feeling..

and i need u too..
so, do u wanna stay with me?

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