Saturday, 25 March 2017

love hard

Dear diary..
u know what is the best part when kissing?
the best part of kissing..
is when u have to stop, but smile..
u cant control urself from smiling..
u feel so happy..

its always remind me of him..
when in a slow mo kiss..
i stop for a while just to smile..
i cant hold it..
im just too happy that time..
and.. the last time i remember..
is when he wipes off my lips..

i just cant help myself..
from thinking him..

asfa tido lena jugaa lah smlm..
i feel calm with what he said to me lastnight..
its really calm me down..
im just think of hugging him that time..
and fall to sleep..

i really cant imagine..
what my world will look like..
if i dont hv u in my life..

Jan.. love you ❤

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