Friday, 10 March 2017


Dear diary..
i need him rn..
i really need him.. rn

asfa bayang..
bayang.. yg dia ada di sisi asfa sekarang..
bayang yg amjan.. ada depan mata asfa..
bayang.. amjan peluk asfa sekarang..
and allright " thats all gonna be allright"

u know..
when u re in relationship..
the sad part is that..
u keep missing each other..
but then the best part of it..
u knew, he miss u too..

ive seen a friend..
yeah.. when ur partner r busy..
and u feel like lonely..
u try to find someone else.. right?
so, i just dont wanna be like that..
if he busy..
so im gonna be busy too..
i hate feeling lonely..

trusting people..
need so much efforts..
so, if u have one..
keep it, stay with it..
dont break that trust..
if u do.. it will never feel the same..
u will lost it..

amjan kata..
if rindu dia..
bayang dia.. tengok gambar dia..
yahh i will do that..
i will hear ur recordings..
over n over n over again..

i miss him.. ❤

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