Friday, 3 March 2017

im awake, he sleep

Dear diary..
amjan tido dah.. huhuu..
kejap nyaa jak calling ngan diaa..
i miss him alr..

u know..
im afraid of the feeling..
feeling that, when u had enough of someone..
u have had her..
u have had all of you want from her..
and then u leave her..
that kind of feeling..
im afraid the most..

ive tried my best..
so he wont get bored with me..
i hope.. everyday was like the first day when he feel the first time he love me..
the first time he had crush on me..
the first time he want me to his gf..

i will always ..
have this kind of feeling..
every morning..
i cant get enough of him..

the more i see you..
the more charming you are in my eyes..

im happy..
coz u have thought bout me..
when u saw those words..
in happy, coz at least..
u have thought me..
at least once in ur days..
coz , tbh.. ive thought you like million times a day..

whatever people said bout you..
i will still love you..
like the way i will always do..
i will always trust you..

my eyes..
will always only see you..
just you.. eventhough theres thousands of men near you..
my ears.. will just want to hear ur voices every single seconds..
and my hands...
always craving for ur touches..
oh my... how much i miss you..

i really love hearing ur giggles.. n laughs.. stay happy..
focus with what you have..
not with what u dont..

and i have you..
and thats enough..

u will always be my happy pills..
dengar suara abang jaa setiap mlm..
dah dpt dahh hilgkn smuaa kesushn asfaa ni..
just stay with me..
thats all i want.. ❤
love you..

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