Monday, 6 March 2017

i wish..

Dear diary..
i wish i can dance without thinking someone watching me..
i wish i have my own drumset..
i wish.. i can visit a field of flowers..
i wish i had a pet tortoise..
i wish.. i have a collection of watches..
i wish.. im taking a degree in astronomy..
i wish.. i can touch the rocket.. real one..
i wish i can see a view of a rocket blast off to the outer space..
i wish.. i can see the earth from the moon..
i wish i can float like in the outer space..
i wish i had a bakery shop..
i wish.. i can do a bungee jump or a sky dive.. one day
i wish.. i can play the piano..
i wish.. i have a job at NASA
i wish i can spend time at the rooftop..
with my boyfriend.. at night while watching the stars..
i wish.. im a good swimmer..
i wish.. i can kiss someone under the rain..
i wish.. im not afraid of the blood..
i wish i can curl my hair..
i wish i can buy a sexy dress and show it off to my husband..
i wish.. i have a treehouse..
i wish.. i have a degree on paintings..
i wish.. theres someone give me a flower on my birthday..
i wish.. a dream is not a dream..
i wish i got a kiss.. to wake me up..
i wish.. i can touch the snow..
i wish.. im a good skater..
i wish theres someone.. hugging me till im asleep.. whenever i feel sick..
i wish.. im someone else angel..
i wish.. my bestfriend is my neighbour..
i wish.. my parents secretly married me with the guy i love with..
i wish im stuck in a beautiful island with him..
i wish people will always remember and miss me when im gone..

i have so much wishes..
adalah jugaa.. yg dah terkabul..
like.. i alr have my own purple coloured room.. all by myself..
for the first time.. i hv my boyfriend wishing me a happy birthday wish..
i have my own phone.. by my own collected money..
i have a collection of story books..
i had jog from dawn till sunrise..
im on my degree..
i had ride a horse..
touch the snake.. and put it on my neck..
and the most amazing dream.. i had..
ive got a chance to meet and talk with my idol.. ❤

so, i wont givup..
again.. i will try my best..
again.. i will work hard..
again.. i will stand up.. and cheer my ownself..

love yourself.. ❤

Just know that..
life is too short..
problem is problem..
its just need time..
so, wake up! and live it.. with broad smile
let the world know your name..

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