Wednesday, 1 March 2017

i will always love you ❤

Dear diary...
im sorry.. i break my promise..
im not as tough as i thought i might be..
my tears falls out as soon as the call end.. i miss him badly..

maybe becoz of the dream..
hits me so bad this evening..
and.. when he asked me..
why im always dreamt bout him..
im speechless.. coz.. me myself dunno why i dream bout him so often..
yeahh its not that everyday..
but.. that often..

u know..
tyme asfa balik dr kelas..
asfa scroll2 emel.. folder amjan..
sangkakan smua dh tiada dlm folder..
but ada recording..
asfa sangka lagu..
rupanya.. recording tyme kami calling..
tyme asfa masi d matriks lg haritu..
and.. hearing..
all of our laughs.. and jokes back then..
rasa rindu..
rindu dengan semua kenangan tu..

asfaaa sayaaaaaangggg sangaaaattt ngaannn diaaaaa... !!!!!!
tbh... my hearts scream so much rn..
im very very very worried about...
every single day... every millisecs.. of my day...

yeah... i overthink a lot...

seriously... that dream feel so real..
i can feel his skin..
i miss all about him..
i cant act that im okay..
im not okay.. for rn..
i miss his voice.. every night..

if one day... i forget bout him...
please... just show me.. my blog..
someone.. please remind me about him again...
i dont want to forget bout him..
and please dont let me...
i dont want him to be alone..
i dont want him to feel alone..
i dont want him to fall to another woman..
other than me..
i wont let that happen..
and before its happen..
let me remember him again..
fall for him.. over again..

i want to keep him forever so bad...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want to be beautiful.. for him..
i want to be great for him..
i want to be the best woman ever for him.. so he wont leave me....
i will never let that happen..
no ...!!!! i cant let that happen..


asfa tau lahh...
asfa ni tak cantik sangat juaa...
i dont have so much awesomeness..
in me..
but i hope..
at least, u can stay just because i love you so...

i hope u wake.. up..
please.. call me back..
i want to hear u snoring...

but, maybe abang penat bh kan..
maybe.. i can hear ur voice again tomorrow..

i tot.. i cant get rid of my trauma..
and everytime.. the call ends..
i got a goosebumps..
im afraid.. too much..

i love you.. ❤ ..
please, stay healthy..

its 4am dah..
i guess another 3 hours he will wake up.. soon for his works..
u know that recording that he was singing on 2nd december 2016..
i search it all night.. but still cant find what song is it.. buhuu..
btw.. i feel relieved..
he sleep well i guess..
i just want to call him now..
but.. sokaylahhh..
i cant disturb u all the time..
have a nice day my love...


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