Saturday, 4 March 2017

i have a soul..

Dear diary.. 

eventhough, as much you do..
people will still judge you.. 
theres still gonna be people hate you.. 

at first.. 
when im entering this university.. 
i thought being a silent person is enough.. 
coz, u re not disturb other person.. 
u re not showing ur true behaviours.. true personality.. 
and i guess.. being silent will make people didnt judge..coz less people will know bout me..

 in the end.. 
i dont have any close friend in my own course..
when theres a group assignment.. 
im gonna be among the last person to be pick.. 
yeahhh.. its really gimme a heartbreak lah.. 
u can see.. 
people will easily underestimate you.. 
give a different thought bout you.. 

so, whatever you do..
people will still judge you.. 
so, just do anything that you want.. 

work hard.. 
and give urself a prize then..

asfa sebenarnya malas dh.. 
malas mau kesah.. 

dari.. bilik.. sampailah ke kelas..
orang komen sal kau... 
ini tak betul.. tu tak betul...
macam mau pecah otak kau pikir.. 
balik awal salah..
tak balik awal salah.. 
kau study lewat salah.. 
kau tak study pun orang tanya.. 
" eh tak study ka... baring jaa".. 

till i said..
"apa jugaaa kau mauuu".. 

sampai satu malam... 
asfa serius tak tahan... 
i wanna scream but i cant.. 
i wanna help.. 
but i just laughs.. 
yeahh.. i cried alone in the shower.. 
theree the only place i can be alone.. 
i cant do anything what i want.. 
im stressed out!... 

asfa bole sabar.. 
but not forever.. 
im a human too.. 
im hurting too.. 
dont think that i dont have a soul.. 

im not that tough.. 
but im gonna be stronger.. 

just gonna cheer my on self.. 
close my eyes..
put my headphones up.. 
and silent.. 

let the mind works..
by itself..

ignore it.. 

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