Wednesday, 22 March 2017

i have one reason to stay..

Dear diary..
sometimes we will said that people change.. 
we said it cuz.. 
we realised they are not like the person who we want him to.. 
they r not themself.. 
they re not doing the things that they always do.. 
such as.. a smile..
u will said that the person change.. 
just because they r not smiling anymore.. 

they not change.. 
they re still them..
but herself is hiding inside of her.. 
its just the situation and the surroundings were change.. 
not the person.. 

u know.. 
im missing him more.. 
i dream him lastnight.. 
i dream that he thinks that im sleeping..
but actually im not.. 
i just close my eyes.. 
we re sleeping together ..
on a same bed..
dia belai asfaa.. dia belai rambut asfa.. 
and he said.. "faa tido dah.."
i stay silent jaa.. 
then he grab me on my shoulder.. 
n hug me.. 
my head is under his chin.. 
on his chest.. 
i feel really warmth.. 
and that feeling still remain till now..
just so love with that feeling.. 

i miss you jan.. 
i will always do.. 
please dont leave me..
and please never ever think to leave me.. 

i knew im not that kind of a beautiful and good person.. 
yeah.. theres a lot of many girls out there thats better than.. me
but.. please.. 
dont leave me.. 

i love you so much.. 
i will always do.. 

i know u re busy rn.. 
just dont forget ur lunch n stay safe k..
love you ❤

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