Tuesday, 21 March 2017

cuz you all that i need..

Dear diary..
i cant wait to meet him
cant wait to spray off my perfume..
all over my body...
just to see him..
i want him to smell the scent of my love..

u know about me n amjan...
its not a miracle..
we are just meant to be..
from the day we knew each other..
till now..
its not a coincidence...
as i said..
we r meant to be.. forever

if u said that.. im being too confident
Yes.. yes i am..
im sure.. we will stay together.. 
we will work for it..
its better to take risk..
than just wait for future to make it works..
its not gonna happen..

When u love someone,..
you can love them the way they are
when people think that it is his weaknesses..
but u think that.. it is his specialness..
u will got too obsessed..
u will got too addict..
u will be craving.. 

as for me..
u guys know lahh
as i said in my last.. last post..
eventhough im sitting next to him..
im still missing him..
still want him..
i like the way he smells.. haha
i love everything about my boyfriend..
and im really happy n proud coz he is my boyfriend...
and seriously..
i really hate people touch, see, think of my boy or whatever similar to all of that..
if i notice that..
u better watch out!...

i just want to say that..
i just dont want him to change..
thats all..
just please stay like the way u re now..
i feel really happy now.. with you..

cant wait to hold your hands..
and see the way u smile when u see me.. in front you..

semakin lama.. semakin terbiasa dengan semua benda ni kan..
when.. every morning
the first thing that i wanna know is..
if he text me already or not..
*morning wish
if his not..
i will text him..
whenever i miss him..
i will text him..
memang automatic jaa tgn tuu menaip.. hahaha
and... whatever i think..
at the end.. i will just think about him..
memang sangkut lahh suaa.. hahaha..

i miss him so much..

i love him too much

i want him so bad..

just stay where u re..
soon i will come n meet you..

love you..

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