Friday, 24 March 2017

cant hold it anymore..

Dear diary..  
i miss him so damn much!!!!! 
no ... im not okay... 
im worst !!!! 
i hate facebook ouuuu.. 
they post so many... 
long relay pictures.. 
i misssss him... 
i really... miss him.. 
i am so damn much..
miss him so damn much.. 
yaa.. i know.. 
selama ni macam rilek jaa asfa kan...
mmg sekarang ni.. 
asfa memang tak sabar dahhh.. 

amjannn bahh pelokkk.. 
i miss u ❤
and that picture.. 
really.. really make me miss u more.. 

never told me to miss you.. 
cuz i have miss u every single day.. 

wherever i go..
whatever i do..
i still miss you..

level rindu kat amjan ni..
selalunyaa.. setiap hari 60-75%..
setiap pagi.. rasa mcm tu.. 
but rasa sekarang ni.. 
mcm meletop2 jaa hatii ouuuu.. 
i miss him.. 100% ouuu
asfa tak tipu..
asfa mmg xle tipu.. 
i cant lie forever.. 

i just want you now.. 
i need u so much.. 

theres two things can calm me down..
first.. i just want amjan.. with me rn.. 
or second.. i cried.. 
then sleep.. 
cuz i want to see him in dream.. 

every day.. 
as soon as i wake up.. 
i will miss you right away.. 
and.. tried to overcome the whole day.. 
when at noon.. 
i just wanna call n chat with you.. 
coz.. thats all i can do.. 
calling.. till i hear u re sleeping.. 
and thats what make me feel relief..
and i will be sleeping.. right after you..
i just realised.. 
i just do it..
everyday was like that.. 
never feel bored with it.. 
i just miss him over.. n over again.. 
fall for him.. over n over again..
and i guess.. 
i just will gonna love him.. 

u know guys.. 
if dulu kan..
i always remember him as a guy..
who always menghmbur grup ni..
kekadang bikin geram lah.. 
sebab grup tu akan jd sgt bising..
dan.. mmg akn hang lahh phone.. 
but now.. 
sapa yg suka kacau org tu.. 
adalah asfa sendiri.. 
and.. it will remain like just that... 
i will just keep disturbing him..
coz that is what i major at..

i promise u that i will stay.. 
no matter happens..
i will always stay dear.. 
i just want you..

cant wait to meet you jan.. 
im gonna hold u.. 
and i wont let it go.. again.. 

ohh please make the time go fast.. 
oh please.. 
i miss him so much.. 

i love you 
be safe sayang...
promise me.. u will take me.. 
as soon as i arrived.. 

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