Saturday, 18 February 2017

stay tough..

Dear diary..
bole ka asfa balik tawau skarang?
i wanna go home..
home where i miss my warmth cuddles.. my sweet kiss.. and where i feel safe in his arms..

im begging..
if its only for one night..
i really want to go home..
i just want to hug him...
kiss him..
and said that im always here..
a day without him..
is a nightmare..
am i over???

i try myself to be as positive as ever..

i miss him so much..
sampai asfa install balik wechat..
sebab nak dgr recording dia..

i had a bad dream lastnight..
i dream bout him.. really bad one..
thats why, when im awake at 1 oclock..
asfa trus call dia..
and dia sambut jugalah..
just feel relieved that he is okay..

i feel terrible now..
i need him..
but he need some space.. rn..
so, i just close my eyes..
imagine that he with me rn..

tbh, im sad too
im not okay..
but. just know that..
im always here.. with u..
hope u miss me too...

bukan senang kan..
rupanya bukan senang nak stay strong ni.. eventhough kau dh experienced benda ni banyak kali..
and apa yg kau rasa tuu.. tetap sama jugak.. xda yg berubah..
but, everytime.. i feel weak..
i feel want to cry..
ntahlah.. mesti asfa teingat dia..
he dont like me to be sad n cry..
he said that it not worth to cry..
and.. everytime i feel really tired..
and keringat all over my face..
i will remember him too..
rasa diri macam dilindungi..
feels like.. he always gonna be there for me.. to protect me.. to love me..
thats why.. i dont want to cry..
i dont want to be sad..
masalah.. adalah masalah..
mmg xkan lari dr benda tu kn..
kita cuma perlu harungi jaa benda tu..
so faa.. puts ur head up..
stay tough!..

i trust my boyfriend..
i love him.. more than he knows..
dont forget that.. ❤
jaga diri..

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