Sunday, 5 February 2017

love cant be express

Dear diary,
pagi ni mcm nemau bangun..
sbb harini asfa balik kunak kan..
and its feel more awful, i hv less than a week to be here..

u know..
sometimes, love cant be express
coz its a feeling, comes from the heart❤
eventhough i've said i love you..
still, it doesnt compare to what i feel..
im afraid of losing him so much..
coz i know how much his worth it..
how much special him for me..
i just can remind u how much i love you every single day.. with my texts and calls..

i really want you feel what i feel rn..
remember that, im a keeper..
if i said im gonna hold u till the end..
yup i will..
if u do something wrong..
i can forgive you easily..
coz i cant stand myself not talking to you.. but, that doesnt mean it wont hurt me...

i will keep my words for you..
all of my promises..
trust me, im really love you ❤

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