Friday, 10 February 2017

endless love

Dear diary.. 
i miss him.. 
thats the only thing that going around my mind today..
i got my period pain this morning.. 
and its so damn awful.. 
sbb sepatutnya.. lastweek asfa kena..
but lewat.. so benda ni sakit gilaa. 
its not come on time.. hmm

im just on bed till noon.. 
and.. all im thinking that time.. just him.. 
"i miss him"
i miss him"
"i miss him so much!"

i tot him so much.. 
i miss all about him.. 
i miss those kisses before i went back home.. 
i miss those fries.. 
i miss watching the stars and the moon.. 
and sit beside you.. 
i miss wiping ur mouth.. 
i miss holding ur hands.. 
i miss rubbing ur face.. 
i cant forget you.. 
i dont want anyone else...
i just want you.. 
and its a game over.. 

i want to call you..
coz i miss you.. 

i tell you this.. 
not because i want to show off.. 
all of my posts.. in my blogs
i just want you to know how i feel bout you.. 
i dont want to feel regret.. 
neither once.. nor twice.. 

i wish.. i had a thousand life.. 
to stay with you.. 
to accompany you..
to make you happy.. 

i wish, im ur last ❤

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