Thursday, 9 February 2017

dear me.. stay strong!

Dear diary..
my result came out today..
mmg dr awal pagi dah neves lahh..
semalam pun.. nasib lah ada dia.. tenang juaa rasa hati..

u know.. sometimes im afraid to think bout my future..
can i got a job after graduating?
how to payback my pt..
what would i be..
think all of this.. makes me feel useless..
i dont want people to depend on me..
coz i cant depend on myself..
macam mau pelok n nangis jaa d bahu amjan karang ni.. hmmm
i need you..

memang org takkan puas kan..
u had done ur best..
i really want to hear..
"u have done great!"..
yeahhh i hear it from amjan..
i hope my parents can said like that too..
i have done my best..

mmg lepas matriks haritu..
i dont want to study anymore..
i said this.. i confess dh ngan amjan ni..
but.. dia kata.. "jadi asfa mau jd apa nnti? nemau ka happykn family?"..
coz this words.. i push myself..
every night.. at the hostel..
i will think bout these things..

i feel seriously lonely at ums..
i cant find someone that i can trust yet..
people just come n leave..

but for now...
i will make myself even more progress this time..
i will show you guys.. the true me..
trust me..
its hard.. but i will try..
so, wish me the best for my next sem k..

i will really want this one work on me..
i will.. yeah i will..

keep moving forward!

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