Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Dear diary,
im desperately want to call him at dawn today.. im missing him hmm
but, as i think through..
im afraid he is not getting enough sleep.. lastnight..
so, i just close my eyes..
went for another sleep..

im mad at myself..
not hearing the notifications from him..
and its 2 nights in a row.. hmm
coz i want to hear his voice..
i miss him..

yeahh ive dream lastnight..
i dream he text me..
but not in ws.. either in text messages..
he text me in his blog.. hahaha
sounds funny right?
tak panjang lah...
dua perenggan gituu lah..
dia text yg dia rasa besalah jaa sbb tetido dah smlm.. hahaha..
tak pernah nya lah amjan text camni..
dalam mimpi asfa jaa lah dia begini..
asfa mimpi benda ni.. maybe im desperately want him to wake up lastnight.. maybe im too selfish to say that.. hmm

but.. yeahh
memang amjan jenis org yg tak nak org tau byk sal dia.. kecuali dia mau bgtau sendr lah sal dia... for certain reasons..
so,.. i need to know him by myself..
by the way his text.. the way he gets annoyed.. or feel angry.. what want and dont want.. sokaylahhh im used to it..

i wish he have a diary too..
so, i can know him better..
instead just waiting him to tell me what he actually want..
and yup.. my wish came true hahaha
i hv a chance to read his blog in the dream..

i miss you jan.. ❤
this dream every night getting crazier n sweeter.. i wont lose you.. i want you.. the whole you.. keep shine dear prince..

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