Friday, 24 February 2017

can i?

Dear diary... 
kejap nyaa jak dengar suara diaa malam ni.. 
semalam pun sekejap jugakk..
maybe sebab dia penat betul kot..
yaa maybe..

and.. im posting again this picture..
coz.. i miss him
sekali tgok pic ni kan.. 
asfa rindu.. dengan suasana sbuah keluarga.. dengan dia.. 
like we never be apart..
we always be together..
he just always stay close.. 

i have a wish.. 
doakan hajat asfa kali ni tercapai ya..

im a type of person that will never break my promise.. 
and.. whenever people break their promise... 
they are officially, break theirs..
they will not have my trust anymore.. 

i will do anything.. 
as long.. im with him..
be with him.. 
i cant sleep without hearing his voice first... 
and.. memang takle tahan kalau sehari tak ganggu diaa.. 
and i will continue that habit till the last of my life.. 

coz, its take.. 
one millisec.. to miss him back.. 
eventhough.. if he sit next to me..
i still gonna miss him.. 

i cant leave him.. 
if i hate him.. 
i will love him back.. 
but, for sure.. it will never happen..
i cant even hate him..
coz, i will hate myself more.. 

those charming smiles..
just be mine.. forever.. 
i will gonna keep it.. treasure it forever..

just him.. is enough 
than a thousands.. rich man..
than a millions handsome guy..
than a trillions romantic guy.. 

him.. is enough.. 

Amjan, i choose you to be my one and only groom..
can i? 

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