Sunday, 12 February 2017

be tough

Dear diary,
asfa nii skang dlm bas salam bumimas..
u know what i feel?
i feel awful!
i feel sad!
i just wanna run back home.. urgh!
i really wanna meet amjan so bad..
i wanna wanna wanna meet him..
arrghhhhhh.. !!!
i just wanna scream in the bus hmm..
but, i promise to both person..
if i can hold my tears.. i will hold it..
and stay strong.. yeah i promise..
i dont wanna be weak anymore..
i want to be strong.. and tough!
i will never let people let me down.. i wont let them go easy with me anymore..
if im mad yes im mad..
if i dont like it.. i will said.. face them.. with my both eyes..

im gonna be tough as ever..
wish me luck!

sebulan rasa sekejap jaa kan?
i hope 4 years more akan rasa kejap jugak..
sebulan ni, asfa rasa puas jugalah..
segala niat n hajat tertunai jugaa semuaa..
ive spend my time with my family n my beloved boyfriend..
so, i guess theres no need to be sad lahh.. cuma tu lahh rasa rindu tu mmg takkan pernah hilg dr hati asfa ni..

to my dearest boyfriend..
takecare dear..
stay healthy and safe wherever u are..
i wont let u down.. u can trust me.. ❤
jaga hati asfa k..
i will always love you.. like the way im always do..
stay with me ❤
see u in 2 months

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