Friday, 17 February 2017

about me

Dear diary..
i dont want to change..
but for the best, yes! i will
i will be the greatest girl for him..
i will be the best girl he ever had..
i want to be awesome just for him..
i promise him that..

im gonna be strong..
im gonna get over all of my problems..
every problems hv their own solutions right? .. so, its okay..
i wanna make everyone around me happy..
so, i guess i want to make lots of friends this time..
if i dont hv one.. i will search..
if i dont have it.. i will do my best to get it..
mistakes.. i will learn from it..
and get over it..

wish me the best guys..
i just wanna be me..

and for my boyfriend..
u will always be my boy..
dont worry bout that..
i love you ❤

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