Tuesday, 24 January 2017

its more than the last time we met

 Dear diary.. 
i miss my bui.. 
i wish i can cuddle him rn..
hug him tightly on my chest 
i wish i can be with him rn.. 
i want to feel his warmth.. 
time dia sakit gini..
macam nak sediakn jaa dia mknn
suapkn ke mulut dia perlahan2.. 
then.. bila dia nak tido..
asfa ada jaa untuk diaa..
i just want to be that kind of girl for him....
whenever he needs me.. 
yeahh im always be here.. 
im always free.. 
always there for him.. 

you know.. 
i dream of him lastnight.. 
tejumpa jua lah pic ni.. td
its remind me of my dream..
dalam mimpi tu kann..
asfa tetido atas sofa.. 
kalau tyme kecik2 dulu kan..
abah yg slalu angkt asfa masuk bilik..
but dalam mimpi tu.. 
amjan yg angkat asfa p bilik..
mcm dlm pic tu.. 

as soon as im on the bed.. 
asfa tesedar.. 
asfa buka jaa mata.. 
i look at him.. 
my eyes.. straightly focus to his face.. 
he smile.. 
i hold his neck.. and then i kiss him..
i said i love you.. 
he smile.. 

then, my phone bunyi..
its ws notification..
i smile.. ❤
its a morning text from him.. 
i miss him more.. 

jaga diri ❤

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