Saturday, 21 January 2017

what date that u will never forget?

Dear diary..
lets throwback time .. ❤

last 15 minutes..
i have this question..
"what date that you will never forget"
as soon as this question hv given to me..
the first date that came to my mind is..
7 February 2016
to me.. this is one of the date that i will surely cant forget..
coz this was the date that he firstly said that i knew he love me..
he expressed it real clear to me on this day.. and this is the day..
that i accept him as my boyfriend..
the day that i want him to be all mine..
and yes im totally for him..
the day.. where i start to think all about him..
the day that i start to care.. and even more falling in love with him..
till now..
and this is the date, the first time i hear his voices..

then, on 1st of May 2016..
yup i really cant forget this date too..
this are the date where i start to meet him.. at giant..
i cant forget this date coz..
this is the day that im firstly see him..
where im firstly talk to him in real life..
where i firstly stand next to him..
i look at him.. from above till bottom of his feet hahaha..
and this was the day i start to miss meeting him so much..
i dont want to loose him anymore..
and at first.. this is really the nerverecking day of my life lah..
coz.. this is the first day we met kan..
we never ever met before..
we r just only calling through calls and do conversation on whatsapp..
and its really makes me feel really nervous to meet him..
im afraid maybe he cant accept me for who i am..
coz im not that pretty..
and he for all this past days..
he just only see me with my pictures.. and selfies..
im afraid that im not the person that he imagine me for..
yahh that what i think this time..
and we all know right..
the first step are the hardest step among the other step...
and now im truly grateful
that all of my tots are all wrong..
he did accept me..
he did said that im pretty..
he did love me for who i am..
and thats make me love him more..

the next date that really came to my mind.. is "14th Jan 2017" ..
yahh as u all know..
date ni baru jaa minggu lalu hahahaha
and.. to be honest..
i cant even muvon from that day..
since that day kan..
mmg asfa slalu mimpi kbox tu dahh hahahaha..
one of the reason why..
coz this is the day where i got my first kiss.. ❤
and its on dawn..
sweet kan.. hahahaha
sejuk2 lagi tyme tuu..
tyme ni juga.. asfa first time yg approach sendiri mau pegg tgn dia deluan.. i guess maybe dia x perasan..
i miss all the things thats happen on this day.. and guess what..
the 21 guns song hv been the most memorable song of my life dah hahaha..
asfa ngn amjan jaa tau sal ni..
hahahaha.. mmg xle muvon lahh dr lagu tuu..
on this day jugak..
im fulfill my craving and wishes for him.. and im really glad that miracles do happens between us..

and the last date..
actually.. this is the most important date.. and among all the date i have in my life.. this is the first date that popup on my mind when i hv this question..
its on 20 June 1996..
why ?
on this date.. he was born..
and if this date doesnt exist..
or he doesnt exist..
all of the above dates that i hv mention early.. will never even happen..
thats why..
this is the unforgetable date in my life..

thinking bout him..
will make me miss him more..
and i wont even feel regret to know him.. and to love him..
coz he is the best thing that ever happen to me..

ehh tetiba sejuk ni hujan..
rindu suami titew pulak haha..
btw kan.. asfa rasa mcm blog ni dh jd mcm kitab dah hahaha..
tp bukan sbrg kitab lah..
kitab amjan ❤ ciaa hahaha..
btullah kan..

i hope i can feel ur love till the end of my life.. how u warmth me that not even a jacket couldnt.. how you make me secure and comfy.. like u re my home..

love you bang ❤

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