Thursday, 26 January 2017

today.. and soon

Dear diary..
i just done reading conversations from group ws asfa ngn amjan ..
niat mau buang dh grup tu tadi..
p setting dah..
sekali kn, lepas baca balik..
and dgr recording lagi..
hmmm.. i cant touch the delete group button..
sokaylahhhh behabuk juaa lah grup tuu.. hmm.. but our memories still in there.. so biarlah behabuk, t kalau asfa rindu bole asfa baca balik lg.. teheee

and td, baca messages d twitter..
hahaha byk gilaaa..
kesian juaa org punya account tu lupa passwordnyaa.. hahaha..
eventhough i said its sokay kan..
still it will never okey hahaha..
still ada hope jua lahhh yg dia akan baca.. kalau asfa rindu dia kan..
asfa text dia dlm tuu..
sebab nemau ganggu dia kan..
or.. nemau dia risau..
or tyme dia sakit..
ketara kn a loner kalau xda dia..
mmg asfa camtu..
amjan lah kawan..
amjan lah abang asfa..
amjan lah boyfriend asfa..
and insyaallah be my husband..
amiin.. ❤❤❤

i just amaze lah..
how can a nobody.. can be a somebody to me.. a special somebody to me..

if i born to be a singer..
i will sing every lil moments with him and let everybody knows.. his mine..
if i born to be a writer..
i will write a story of all the things i love about him..
if i born to be a doctor..
i will take a good care of him..
i wont let him get sick..
i will protect him..
but, what i truly want is..
i wanna born to be his wife..
thats enough..
and be the mother of his childs..

im gonna stay ❤

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