Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy Birthday bu..

Dear diary..
today was the day..
first of January
a beautiful and the most gorgeous person in my life..
she is beautiful inside n out..
i feel so sad... coz im not with you now..
to celebrate ur precious day..

ive stay in her tummy...
for like 8+ months...
there was i born..
and.. because of me.. maybe somehow
she didnt feel comfortable..
or didnt sleep for a few months when i stayed in her tummy..
coz its hurts her..
shes in pain..

i know.. sometimes..
u talk to me..
u touch me.. outside ur tummy..
or maybe sometimes i punch ur tummy.. from the inside..
im sorry buu..

u always.. with me bu..
from i werent even born..
till now...
u always with me..
im always hurt ur feelings..

bu.. never ask thatbu re pretty or not..
eventhough u re now.. older n got weaker now.. u re always gorgeous bu..
and i love you..
i cant even not talking to u..
for a day..

forgive me..
for all my faults..
i will pray for you..
that u will get the greatest place in Jannah.. Amiin..

bu.. its hurt to say this.. but
dont leave me..
coz i will miss ur hugs..
sbb ibu jaa yg akan pelok asfa.. tymw asfa balik ... selalunya..
ur cooks.. i will miss it.. and i miss it so much.. i  will miss when u ask me..
"faa.. nak makan nak?"..
yahhh i will miss it a lot..
and eventhough..
ibu masak tawar ka..
masin ka...
hangus ka...
the foods.. still taste so delicious..
coz its from ur hands..

for accept me.. to be ur daughter..
and forgive all my faults..
and.. takecare of me..
u re the greatest woman ive ever seen bu.. and i will be like u..
bail hati..
pandai masak..
and.. now i knew why abah really love you..

stay healthy buu..
t asfa balik.. asfa urut ibu yaa..
i will take a good care for you..
i love you bu..

Nuraini bt Renreng.. ❤❤❤
ur second dearest daughter..
Nurasfa Syafiqah Hassan..

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