Thursday, 5 January 2017

gws abah

Dear diary...
hari ni asfa ada exam..
and it is biology...

and.. 30 minutes..
before my exam start..
i got message from my sister..
she send a pic of my abah..
lying on a bed in a ward.. hospital..

and.. this morning..
asfa baru tau abah masuk ward semalam.. and ibu temankan abah semalaman..
and.. that time..
im really confused..
im just feel empty..
mmg nak dgr suara abah jaa tyme tuu..
spnjg pjlnn ke examhall..
mmg belinang jaa air mata..
sbb tak tahan..
merah mmg mataa.. tyme mnjawab biologi..
i just dont want to loss anybody this year..

and.. as soon habis jaa exam tu..
i just want to call amjan jaa..
im just broken ..
i need him..
but i know.. he is busy.. that tyme..
so.. i went to the beach.. alone..
stayed, enjoying.. and just look at the sea.. cried as much as i can.. yell as loud as i can... coz im the only one there..

u know guys..
sometimes.. theres a time u need to be strong by ur own..
coz nothing is permanent..
its just.. soon or late..
so, now just focus with what we have..
and be happy..

and somehow..
u wont know how much people have done for you..
coz people will only focus on how much they do to other people..
just take a while guys..
cuba tanya diri..
dah banyak dah kita beri?
sehingga kita nak persoalkan..
segala benda yang org lain tak dapat berikan kepada kita..
so.. think before u act..
if you wanna be my friends..
act like u want to..
and if u dont want..
just straight.. get out of my life..
after all.. i dont need u anyway..
and makesure.. dont comeback..


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