Sunday, 11 December 2016

u re mine.. always be

Dear diary...
its 2 am.. already..
moon shine so bright right now..

u know guys..
when i was a little..
i really wish to see a shooting star..
and.. when im 8 years old..
i stayed till 11 pm..
tyme tu.. bg asfa mng lewat dah tyme kecil duluu..
i stared outside of my window..
till 11 pm..
i dunno lah..
astronomies is my soul  i guess..
i love all about the universe..

jan.. did u sleep well?
did u see the moon tonight?
its shine so bright..
whenever i look at it..
i will think bout you..
u re just like that moon in my heart..
u will still shine.. eventhough its too dark.. there.
eventhough theres always a cloud that disturbing ur appearance..

i hope and i wish..
u will always be that moon..
yes.. you will always be..
u know jan..
i really admire you..
you re a strong man..
thats why i wanna marry you..
i wanna have you..
i wanna make u mine..
for the rest of my life..
theres no one.. will ever be above you.. in my life..
yes.. no one jan..
still you re the best..

yet.. u re like the moon..
i really wanna hold u..
wanna reach you..
missing you..
when i need you..
you are always there..
you re the best thing that ever happen to my life..
can i shout?
love MOHD HAMZAN JAMALUDIN... sooooooooooooooooooo much !!!

i just wanna say thanks
i said it.. but u re already sleeping.. ehee
i know.. i guess i had said thanks for hundreds time in this blog.. or in our chats.. or when we make a phone call..

ndalahh.. besyukur sangat jaa..
besyukur sangat dapat kenal org yg bernama amjan ni..
i admit that.. im not regret to say yes when u re confess..
i guess.. maybe rugiiii n bongok gilaaa lahh kalau asfa kata noo tyme tuu kn?
alhamdulillah ..

kalau asfa rindu amjan kan..
mostly lahh..
i will close my eyes..
and imagine that i hug him..
imagine him smiling in front of me..
imagine that we r holding hands..
imagine the way he laughs..
i always do that..
whenever i wanna sleep...
tu lahh kali dapat mimpi indah terus kot.. teheee..

miss you bang..
love you ❤ forever..

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