Thursday, 29 December 2016


Dear diary...
tak kesah lahhh apa orang nak cakap..
apa orang nak fikir..
apa masalah dorang ngan asfaa ni..
i just dont care for it anymore..

im tired of people..
who just realised my existence..
when they need.. me..
im tired of jealousy..
im tired of to feel angry..
im tired to argue..
and fighting...
just.. let it be.. if its mean to be like that..
dont search for me anymore..

i just want to focus with people who appreciate and realised my existence..

sometimes .. i just want people to realised that i need.. whenever i cant say that i need em..

and for the people who still stay..
i really appreciate it..
especially for my beloved ❤ amjan..
thanks for stay sayang..
i hope these kisses on my cheeks..
are meant to be forever..
dont worry sayang..
i dont want anything more...
u have done so many things to me..
its just me.. who always forget bout it..
and .. i feel blessed coz u re still mine..
love you to the moon n back..
be happy..
be srong..
stay healthy..

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