Friday, 30 December 2016

last 2 days.. before 2017

Dear diary...
entahlahhh mau cakap apaa suaa.. hah ahahaha..
sometimes kan.. asfa takut nak sayang dia.. takut if kehilangan dia..
takut akan kesakitan sebuah pengharapan..

but.. i keep loving him..
every single day..
every hours..
every milisecs of my days...

people said..
never ever beg, to get ur love..
but it doesnt matter..
i just want him.. i truly am..
i dont care if people said im desperate..
coz i just do.. what heart want to..

whenever im dating wif him..
my hands.. keep reaching his hand..
wanna feel his touch..
careness.. wanna touch his face..
nak belai diaa.. dgn kasih sayang semua..

please.. dont let us break apart..
but if we do... let us be together again..
this.. always in pray.. every single tyme..

i just want him..
and thats enough..
if i have him..
im sure.. i dont want anything else..
in this world..

let just make..
all the fightings.. and problems.. we have this year.. be a lesson for us.. to stay wif each other..
i ll keep holding ur hand.. dont worry..
im always wif you.. ❤❤❤
hope u always realised it ..
whenever u wanna comfort..
i will try.. to comfort you..
as best as i can..
i wish theres no more tears for u.. for this new year..
be the strong n bravest man..
i love you abg amjan..

let me kiss you.. when we meet soon ❤
and i will guaranteed u will never forget this kiss...
wait for me eh.. ❤

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